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Trailblaizing  Pet Diagnostics
VetSERV closely collaborates with veterinary practitioners.  Our Veterinary professionals work closely with all demanding clinics - through periodic feedback sessions and implementing 100% of their suggestions.  We tailor our suggestions based on what works best for the Vets and their patients. For e.g., we know that most veterinary clinics work in the mornings as well as in the evevning. Accordingly, we service all our vets at least twice a day.
Leading  PCR Diagnostics
RealTime PCR & Conventional PCR 

VetSERV is the first to introduce Molecular Diagnostics for companion animals in India & now have the largest range of organisms & diseases covered with our own R&D & at most affordable prices.


We have also introduced Real Time PCR or Quantitative PCR - which in simple terms gives Ct value - giving your vet an idea of how bad the condition could be.   Read More....

Microscopy images on reports
VetSERV is changing the way reports look


VetSERV is at the fore-front of transforming diagnostics results and reports.   Veterinarians, who treat pets, are routinely suspicious of the numbers and words they see on the report.

So VetSERV is adding pictures and information to the report, which allow the clinician to see what our lab experts saw - leaving little room for doubt and enhancing credibility. 


We put images of what we see in the lab, in our reports - so that the pet doctor, and you, can see why we reached a certain conclusion.  It immensely increases the credibility of the reports. 

Analytics Enhanced Diagnostics
Reading Disease Trends for Your Pet

At VetSERV - we do what no other lab does - we are constantly looking at the anonymous data of hundreds of pet samples and using insights to improve our diagnostics. We know which antibiotics are more effective and which have stopped working.


We know the seasonality trend of diseases and we know the real incidence of pathogens. All the insights from data help correlate the condition of the pet - making our test reports more relevant for clinicians.

Autoimmunel disorders
Pioneering diagnostics for autoimmune disorders

Each hour counts when your pet has an autoimmune disorder. Our pioneering diagnostics for autoimmune disorders have helped save many pet lives. 


Your pet's immune system - typically attack and kill viruses, bacteria, blood parasites and other pathogens that infect your pet.  In autoimmune diseases, your pet's defence system starts to attack itself -its own cells- and is typically out of control – even causing death in a few days. This gives your vet very little time to act.


VetSERV has introduced tests for clinicians to get a definitive idea of autoimmune disorders & give them right direction and time to act.

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