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Uncompromising Process  for Uncompromising Quality
Process Checks
Process Driven Diagnostics

VetSERV has relied on processes to deliver consistent results.


Right from sample pickup to sample analysis to reporting - each step is process driven and has checkpoints. The set of processes that governs our workflows have only one goal - to minimise chances of error in anaylsing your pet’s sample.

We also track and measure process deviations - learning and bringing about improvements - taking accuracy of your pet’s report to another level.

Barcoding at origin

Process Driven Diagnostics

BARCODES solve the problem of accurately relating patient data with the physical sample in most advanced labs .

 At VetSERV, pre-generated barcodes are tagged with the sample containers right at the time of collection of the samples.  This precludes the possibility of any error creeping in at any subsequent stage.  


It is a simple but powerful way or reducing chances of errors.  We adopted it because of our commitment to providing the best of diagnostic support for pet care.

Lab Automation

Diagnostics, worldwide, are seeing a trend.  Since diagnostics are often a matter of life and death, improving accuracy and speed is of highest importance and therefore, there is a trend towards adoption of automation.


 Increased automation implies less manual intervention, speed, and increased consistency - both help improve accuracy significantly. At VetSERV, we have adopted automation right from our inception, bringing more accuracy, speed - and thus credibility to our results.

Preset alarms for vets

At VetSERV, we seldom get to see the pet whose samples are sent for analysis.  So, when we get alarming results, we do not just send the report – we double check and talk to the clinician first -  to confirm if the clinician can correlate the report with the condition of the pet or would want to repeat the sample. 


Therefore, your pet’s vet is not surprised and can make more informed choices for your pet’s treatment.

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